Involve Space unveils new HQ and launch Site, overseas expansion and €500,000 investment round closure

Photo of the new Head Quarters

Involve Space Inaugurates New Headquarters After International Expansion and €500,000 Investment Round Closure.

Como, Italy - September 27, 2023 - Involve Space, one of the pioneering startups in the aerospace industry, is pleased to announce a significant milestone in its history with the inauguration of its new headquarters and launch site in Fino Mornasco, Como. This expansion marks a crucial step towards strengthening its business activities and consolidating its position in the sector.

Involve Space provides solutions for aerospace activities through a customizable stratospheric pseudo-satellite for Earth observation, defense, and telecommunications missions, positioning itself as the sole Italian provider and one of the leading companies in Europe.

Territorial Expansion in Denmark and the USA

Over the past few months, Involve Space has made significant progress in its global expansion efforts. In September 2023, the company initiated operations in Denmark, with Chief Operating Officer Claudio Piazzai leading this initiative. This strategic move enhances Involve Space's presence in Europe and opens up new business opportunities in the Scandinavian region.

Furthermore, the internationalization program in the United States has seen Involve Space selected by the Italian Trade Agency and the Italian Space Agency in the epicenter of the global aerospace industry in Houston, USA, for five weeks of networking and matchmaking with investors and industry stakeholders to advance the company's expansion process. With CEO Jonathan Polotto and Chief Innovation Officer Alice Fontana at the helm, the program represents a significant recognition of Involve Space's expertise in innovative aerospace technologies.

Closure of the €500,000 Investment Round

In conjunction with these significant developments, Involve Space announces the successful closure of its current €500,000 investment round. This capital injection aims to further strengthen the company's capabilities in developing cutting-edge aerospace technologies and accelerating its growth in the global market. Involve Space extends its gratitude to investors and partners for joining this exciting phase of growth.

Inauguration of the New Headquarters and Launch Site

The centerpiece of this expansion is the inauguration of Involve Space's new headquarters and launch site."We were born in a coworking space in Milan, sharing desks, then we moved to Erba, in the province of Como, with 150 square meters of offices to get serious. In Fino Mornasco, we now have laboratories and facilities for testing and launching, covering about 500 square meters in the most beautiful setting imaginable: the Como region," CEO Jonathan Polotto recalls, noting how he started with rudimentary experimental launches as a teenager and built a team with a strong technical and entrepreneurial component capable of innovating in the industry.

This event, scheduled for Thursday, October 5, by invitation only, will provide participants with the opportunity to explore state-of-the-art spaces and the latest updates from the company. There will be networking moments, musical entertainment, a delightful aperitif, and, of course, a toast to celebrate this significant milestone together.

The inauguration of the new headquarters and launch site represents a pivotal moment in the growth of Involve Space. The company is eager to share this success with partners, clients, and the local community.

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