Insights from above,
impact on the ground

with our stratospheric autonomous pseudo-satellite


Access to space as a democratic process.

We provide innovative solutions designed to complement, support or enhance space-based activities through a cost saving, flexible and lean stratospheric pseudo satellite.


Our line of innovating solutions


The intelligent pseudo-satellite
platform for different missions.


The first stratospheric
balloon constellation


The artificial intelligence
software for spacecrafts control.

Da Vinci Caelum®

DIY Kitbox for conducting environmental and atmospheric research.

Da Vinci Caelum® - Your personal aerospace mission

This kit enables researchers and students to conduct stratospheric launches to test Earth observation technologies and instruments, as well as conduct environmental and atmospheric research.

The Da Vinci Caelum probe

We are part of

Logo of ESA Bic

ESA Business Incubation Centres are the largest network of incubators supporting space related start-ups in Europe. The objective is to support entrepreneurs with a space-based business idea and to help clusters of space-related start-ups across Europe. We are working with ESA and ASI in ESA BIC Lazio.

Involve Space's probe and balloon floating through mountain

Innovation and sustainability

A stratospheric balloon lifting various payloads is the backbone of our zero-emission service. An entirely reusable operational structure inspired by the principles of circular economy that surpass 99,5 % of the atmosphere, reaching the stratosphere using lighter-than-air-gas.


Experience the revolution of the New Space Economy.

With our technology and the implementation of artificial intelligence, we will be able to attack the market segment of Earth Observation with a total projected SOM of $38 million in 2028

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