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We will represent the italian aerospace sector in Washington

In July 2023, during the meeting in Washington DC between Prime Minister Meloni and President Biden, space received special mention in the Joint Declaration at the governmental level. This signifies the commitment of both the United States and Italy to strengthen their bond through a "new space dialogue."

The initiative aims to promote industrial cooperation with government support, reaffirming the partnership in space exploration and encouraging further investments in industrial collaboration, including commercial space stations.

The purpose of the event "Italy Space Days" is to promote the Italian aerospace sector as an organic industrial system supported by a coherent institutional alliance that extends from ICE Agency to the Italian Embassy in the USA, up to the Italian Space Agency (ASI), and all regional clusters.

Our CEO, Jonathan Polotto, and our Chief Engineer, Rocco Corsini, will be part of the Italian delegation from ASI in Washington on December 13th and 14th, discussing prospects for cooperation with NASA and the US industry.

Both days will conclude with an evening event to which all local representatives of major companies in the American aerospace sector and all institutions present in Washington will be invited.

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