The first stratospheric balloon constellation.

A swarm of balloons

With just 40 balloons, we can cover an area as vast as the entire continent of Australia.

A new opporunity

Earth Observation

Monitoring of Earth surface to collect and process important information, also for natural disaster.


With its advanced capabilities in ISR communications, it becomes the vigilant eye that surveils borders, safeguards maritime zones, and strengthens security measures.

a shot where you can see the probe and the rest of the constellation of balloons


Expand internet connectivity to improve network resilience with balloon constellation.

The potential of LoonHive in 2024

Our balloon constellation can be activated to complement the satellite coverage, can fly above a specific area and can be autonomous.

Defense and security

Designed to meet high aerodynamic and safety standards, our probe is the perfect vector to carry a payload up to the stratosphere. Modular and adaptable to different payload configurations to suit to objectives and purposes of the specific aerospace mission, it collects and transmit real-time data and high-quality images.

an image of infrared camera shot


A zero-pressure balloon is at the heart of our operations. The use of green energy sources allow us to lift payloads in a completely sustainable way reaching the stratosphere and conducting activities above the controlled airspace, in the near-space.

a shot where you can see the constellation of balloons
an image of infrared camera shota shot where you can see the constellation of balloons

LoonHive will be available from 2024


Stratostats implementation for multi-balloon

Jan 2024

Start of production of new balloons and new probes

Mar 2024

AI pilot software implementation for multiple balloons coordination

Jun 2024

Perfectly interconnected first pair of balloons

Sep 2024

Constellation of 5 balloons


Constellation of 25 balloons


Constellation of 80 balloons


Constellation of 120 balloons

Fly with us in the balloon swarm

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