About us


Get you closer to space

The link between innovation and space economy is getting closer and closer, expecting to strengthen even further in the coming years. An access to space regulated by democratic and inclusive processes is therefore becoming crucial to ensure equitable growth opportunities in today's competitive environment. Hence Involve Space was born, to respond to this need by offering a service that can enable anyone to approach space, dreaming of a future made of equitable opportunity.

Icon of Technology

Technological innovation

Involve Space stands out for its constant research and development of cutting-edge solutions in the aerospace industry.

Icon of Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability

We are committed to promoting responsible use of resources and minimizing the environmental impact of our activities.

Icon of Collaboration

Collaboration and Strategic Partnerships

We actively collaborate with institutions, universities, companies, and international organizations to stimulate innovation and accelerate the development of advanced solutions in space.

Core Team

Jonathan Polotto
CEO - Strategy, Sales
and Institutional relations
Claudio Piazzai
Chief Operating Officer
Rocco Corsini
Chief Technology Officer
Raoul Vetere
Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer

R&D & Operations Team

Alessandro Piazza
Software Developer & Mission Control Manager
Leonardo Rossoni
Avionics & Embedded
Systems Manager
Fabio Spadaro
Flight Operations Manager
Mamadou Cisse
Balloon & Launch Operations Specialist
William Cecco
Balloon & Launch operations Specialist

Communications & Sales and Administrative team

Matilda Galluzzo
Head of Communication
Daniele Aversa
Visual Design Manager
Giulio Andreotti
Director of Legal Affairs
Serena Repossini
Administration & Accounting

Our business development team

Angelo Tofalo
Business Developer - Defense
Courtney Stadd
Business Developer - USA
Photo of Veronica La Regina
Veronica La Regina
Business developer - Earth observation and payload elevation

We are a B-Corporation

We have a positive impact on society and the biosphere, complying with international standards of social responsibility and sustainability.