Involve Space flies to Houston

Photo of the NASA center, Houston

The Italian space industry is soaring to new heights, and with the backing of ICE (Agency for the Promotion and Internationalization of Italian Enterprises) and ASI (Italian Space Agency), it is poised to conquer the American space market. Among the select few chosen for this prestigious opportunity is Involve Space, a leading Italian space SME that is set to take its vision across the Atlantic to Houston, Texas.

In September, the company's CEO will embark on a mission to establish Involve Space's presence in the U.S. market and unlock the vast potential for growth and collaboration within the American space ecosystem.

The collaboration between ICE and ASI to support Italian space SMEs and start-ups in the U.S. market speaks volumes about the strong and solid political and economic relations between Italy and the United States. The American space market holds great promise for Italian enterprises, with Italy being among the top partners for the U.S. in the global space sector. Currently, Italy boasts a 3 percent market share, with a total value approaching $3.2 billion USD.The U.S. is widely recognized as the foremost leader in capabilities, innovative trends, and research and development within the space industry.

As a testament to the deep connection between the two countries, the U.S. hosts the highest number of non-European foreign headquarters for Italian companies. Conversely, several U.S. companies in the sector have established offices in Italy to tap into the European market. This bi-directional cooperation sets the stage for Involve Space to make significant strides in the U.S. space landscape.With the U.S. space venture capital ecosystem reaching record levels of investment, the timing could not be more opportune for Involve Space's American foray.

In 2021, the U.S. recorded over $147 billion in interchange of space products, underscoring the nation's appetite for space-related innovations and solutions. While there was a 39 percent decrease in the overall amount invested in space startups in 2022, the performance analysis highlights a notable increase of more than 25 percent in early-stage and seed startups during the same period.This data suggests that while investment in startups with deep space missions may have declined, the interest in ground-based applications and services remains strong.

This bodes well for Involve Space, as its portfolio of innovative and ground-based space technologies aligns perfectly with the current market trends in the U.S.

The fact that Involve Space is one of only six companies selected from across Italy to participate in the ICE-ASI acceleration program reflects the company's exceptional potential and groundbreaking vision. The month-long program in Houston, Texas, promises to facilitate Involve Space's seamless integration into the U.S. space market.During their stay in the U.S., Involve Space's CEO will be supported by ICE and ASI in numerous vital areas. These include positioning the company effectively in the U.S. market, enhancing its visibility in the territory, and exploring potential opportunities for the establishment of branches or offices in the country.

Additionally, the program will provide invaluable assistance in matchmaking activities with investors, start-ups, SMEs, and local industry players, ensuring that Involve Space can forge strong partnerships and collaborations within the thriving American space ecosystem.As Involve Space sets its sights on the American frontier, the partnership with ICE and ASI comes as a propellant that will fuel the company's ambitious growth plans.

With the strong political and economic ties between Italy and the U.S. and the tremendous potential within the American space market, Involve Space is well-positioned to make a significant impact. The acceleration program in Houston, Texas, represents a golden opportunity for Involve Space to shine brightly on the global stage, cementing its place among the leading innovators in the space industry. As the company takes flight, the world eagerly awaits the next chapter of Involve Space's remarkable journey.

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