March 12, 2024

Security and commitment to transparency in missions

An unforeseen event involved one of our stratospheric probes during re-entry operations.

Despite a controlled and safe landing, the probe became entangled in a power cable pole near the city of Como. We are pleased to confirm that the incident caused no damage to people or property, thanks to the prompt and professional intervention of the fire department, to whom we express our deep gratitude.

At Involve Space, we conduct several missions each month to explore and monitor our Earth, contributing to important scientific research and technological developments. We operate in diverse territories, and while we take the utmost precautions, we recognize that the risk of landing in complex areas is a remote but present possibility.

The incident attracted media and press attention and concerns among the public and institutions. In response, we participated in an exclusive interview with RAI, broadcast on Rai3 news, where we had the opportunity to detail the features and safety of our stratospheric platforms.

We would like to use this moment to reaffirm our commitment to safe operations and transparency to the community. Our systems are designed to ensure slow and controlled landings, minimizing risks to the environment and the public, as explained by our CEO Jonathan Polotto intercepted by Rai.

At Involve Space, each mission is the result of meticulous planning that complies with current regulations. Our launch, flight and landing operations are strictly authorized by the relevant ground and aviation agencies, ensuring maximum safety and respect for the surrounding environment.

For each mission, we prepare a detailed flight plan, accompanied by extensive documentation including Concepts of Operations (CONOPS), Operations Specifications, and a thorough Risk Analysis. The latter includes risk management and mitigation through probabilistic calculations for each eventuality, both in flight and landing, ensuring a proactive approach to safety.

Our systems are designed to ensure maximum safety, including redundancy of onboard safety systems.Our colleague Fabio Vito Spadaro, in the position of Flight Operations Manager, is a testament to our thoughtful commitment to all things takeoffs, flights and landings.

Safety, innovation and transparency are at the heart of everything we do at Involve Space.

Thank you for your attention and trust.

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